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About Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Colette V Hera Guggenheim Freelance Travel Photographer covers all my Life Works in my daily general life & many different functions in many fields & interest sections of mine.

Each Day is a Travel Inside & Out .

Born With a Free Spirit
Colette V. Hera Zollikofer Guggenheim

2014 Film & Television. (CPH University )

Update 26 October 2013
2 different Slide Photograph Shows I made from my beloved Greek Islands Santorini - Mykonos - Crete - Zankynthos & Naxos via my

YouTubeGreek islands Santorini Crete Mykonos & Zakynthos

YouTube My Beloved Greek islands Santorini Crete Mykonos & Zakynthos

Update 25 October 2013

Photograph /Slideshow via my Youtube .with 1 click on the link below ,from my many years in the Austrian Mountains the Ischgl and kappl Regions.

YouTube My Years in the Austrian Mountains

Update May & June 2013

Black & White Slide Biography Slide Show Via my Youtube Channel.

Version 1 -2 - 3

Strong Childhood bonds with my globetrotter parrents
Hans Chris & Guitar called GITANA

Via my Youtube Version three Strong Childhood Bonds with my Globetrotter parrents Chris and Hans

Via my Youtube

May be seen via My Favorite Player on You Tube Channel

Via my Youtube Channel you may see little Slide/Still Photograph & Little Movies
from my travels in Egypt - different parts in Spain & with my Travelling Globetrotter
Parrents Hans & Chris in the fifties and Sixties .

Update April 2013

My Slide show *Spain * is out to be seen now in HD via Vimeo at:
Travels in Spain Since 1967 () Vimeo Colette V.Hera Guggenheim
Travels in Spain & Egypt () Vimeo Colette V.Hera Guggenheim
Travels in Spain 1967 - 2013 Colette V.Hera Guggenheim Vimeo

MY VIDEO /Slideshows from my time in Egypt -Sinay by the Sea & in the Desert Late October ./Nov. 2012

Movies & SlideShows I made from Egypt Sinai & Spain Travels 1967 - 2013

Oct &Nov 2012 can to be seen via my Vimeo page , with 1 click on the blue Big - V- Badge under
or the link under the -V-Badge

aswell via my You Tube Pages :
Favorite player You tube Spain Travels 1967 - 2013 Colette V.Hera Guggenheim & Egypt Travels
You tube Spain Travels 1967 - 2013 Colette V.Hera Guggenheim & Egypt Travels
You tube Spain Travels 1967 - 2013 Colette V.Hera Guggenheim & Egypt Travels
Vimeo HD Format Sinai Movie Egypt 2012 & Slideshow
You Tube Egypt Sinai Movie
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Love is to let the ones we love be perfectly themselves, and
to twist them to fit our own image, otherwise
we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.
Celebration of all alive on our Globe with keep Arting & love
this makes it a better world to be alive in .
Freelance Photographer with many interest .
I never get tired working with my cameras.
I Love photograph who speaks
for them self. All my Photograph I take mostly
on my travels ,and belongs into my life Road itself ,with
hopes that some of my photography shows
how much we all have to protect and care
for our all Grand Mother Earth Nature*Wankan Tanka*

Studies at the Universe Copenhagen Film and Television
January 2014 til May 2014

With many thanks to the fine Admin Team at
Viggo Works
Where I have an Artist Gallery page
with several other excellent Artist
We each have our Gallerie page to show.
My Gallery there is called Colette Photo & Art Galleries
Viggo Works - Colette Photo & Art Galleries

I´m also working intens in periods on my Biography for some
years ,with speciel
very many interesting
newspaper articles from many part of the world
in 6-7 different languages from the middle fifties
with my Parrents
Chris and Hans with their Globetrotter travels to many parts
in the
world, sometimes with me,other times the 2 would
travel without me for a suddent period ,and pick me up somewhere
when their missed me alot ,where we would goe to France -Denmark
and Switzerland
together ,I hope ones to be able to Publish some
of the articles+ with just little bits from my own backgrown
in aswell ,as I find the most interesting is the travels
my parrents did
at the time ,it all takes time however to work it all out.
ON MY FRONTPAGE I have some different Galleries ,
where 1 or 2 you may see some bits from my
biography ,more I add within time.
Zazzle ColetteShop
You Tube Egypt Sinai Movie
Sinai Movie Egypt2012 & Slideshow
Travels in Spain 1967 - 2013
Egypt Sinai Movie

I love to paint aswell, when time allows
me with Oil-Watercolour-Acrylic or Colered
pencilIs, I enjoy to be creative.
As I have many life interest since my birth ,I like
to be called an allround Artist
I have a great interest in Movie aswell + manuscript
writing,I have several
unfinish manuscript ,as I only write sometimes with
the combinations of taken photograph+My
own highter Self Life Main Road
No matter what creativity I concentrate about ,it all
lead me back working with my cameras ,one way
or the other,if not in the process it self ,the time it
takes ,then after.

My first Photo exhibition I had in the winter year
1979 with Theaterphotos in Denmark,then
another Photo exhibition in
1987 year in Denmark with Photographic
from many visit during 10 years to the North Africa,where
I used to work for a danish travel agencie called Spies Travels.
The same exhition was shown in
year 1988 in Sjaelland Denmark
in a town called Slagelse.
From the years 2001 till the end of 2003,
I had again 8 photo exhibition in Denmark ,the
Photo exhibition was called *3 Greek islands *with
my photography mainly taken in Mykonos -
Santorini -
Crete ,Naxos,zakynthos island in Greece,
at the same 8 different places where I
had Photo exhibitions I had aswell some
photography with from Greenland ,Spain,
and Denmark.
During my life time I have been living several
times in
Spain -France -Switzerland .Now a days my
is in Denmark
as the base number 1 ,from where I was born,and
out from. (((<<--__-->>)))------(((<<--__-->>)))

During the years 2004 till 2010 I was via ISP (The
International Society of Photographer America
nominated of one of the year Photographer with many other
ones ,the conventions
during these years in the month of March each year ,where
I was invited to join in DC Washington + Las Vegas
,however as I live in Europe ,I
did not join to the conventions
invitations , Hower ever theirsend dme several prizes as
their would called it for outstanding Achievement
in Photography ISP

15 different groups I have in here aswell as an administrator ,however
I can only
sometimes ,when Im online submit artworks from all the gorgiuos Artist
in here + make Features
around in my groups.

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Colette Hera Guggenheim

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